To all those curious, I welcome you to my blog!

After recently defending my PhD in Uppsala, Sweden I am now living between the island of Oahu, Hawaii (my family home) and Kansas City, Missouri. I love the ocean and the seasons, so both places are great locations for me.

Since I was very young I have had a deep interest in understanding what motivates people, and what factors influence them. While pursuing my PhD I have been able to feed this curiosity, and more importantly discovered how data and statistics can provide powerful insight on this matter, as well as many other questions about the natural and social world.

On my blog I hope to share with you some of the insights and knowledge I have gained about them. In addition, and for fellow nerds, you can expect to read future posts about research design, survey analysis, data curation, coding, statistics, public opinion, policy, philosophy of science, and freediving.


Ariel Young

Photo by @saltysoulsandyfeet